Working Out the Kinks…

  Beneath the vast expanse of the western sky, Where rugged mountains and green valleys collide. A cowgirl saddles up the wild filly, Facing the untamed brink. The cowgirl gambles with her life today- “Working Out the Kinks…” The filly, a tempest in midnight hue, Challenges the cowgirl, Defying her, bold and true. Blowing and […]

To Buck, Thank You

Written by by Mary Berkeley My horse and I get along pretty good He follows and likes me, I think like he should We have a nice thing that’s for sure on the ground But our mounted arrangement is sorta fogbound. Like a dervish he dances out in the pasture That lightness of feet was […]

Chugwater Chili Store

The white lines passed ever’ 1 point 4 Ford pick-up rollin’ ‘bout 90 and more That’s where ol’ Dan first saw the store Rollin’ north t’wards the Montana line Our pockets were empty ‘cept entry fee Entered up in Red Lodge, Dan ‘n me When just off the roadside, he did see The big Chugwater […]

Tex and the Crow (a true story)

Written by Mary C. Keenan I live in a semi-rural area and keep 3 horses on a  5 acre property. My colt, Tex,  is 4 years old and was born at home.  Since Tex was a baby  there’s been  a crow hanging around,  and every evening—he sits on a corral post and makes his presence […]

The Ranchin’ Man & His Wife

It seems with all his chores n’ such He always needs assistance And ever’ time, right there she is With never no resistance When he gits in so dog-gone deep That just his hat’s above It’s never long before he hears Those words he’s come to love “What do you need this time, honey?” That […]

Gates – a poem and true story

Written by Miriam Pumehana Paisner Always close and lock the gates When horses are around For you will find they quickly know How to play Lost and Found. Horses are smarter than you think And definately smarter than me, Eyeballing that unlocked gate or hole in the fence They’ll head out, just to be free. […]

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